I am Khrysten Kent, Allied ASID, owner and principal designer of Khrysten Kent  Interiors. I have been in practice since 1997. As an interior designer, is my firm belief that great things happen in places where people feel peace and pleasure. People don't always know why they like being somewhere, they just do. When I am able to create that harmony for a client, I have succeed. Bottom line- I will walk away from a space when the project is complete, my client will not. If they are happy- then I did my best, if not- its not my time to walk away.  

As an interior designer, I have worked in both commercial and residential design. From projects at USC, UCLA Medical Center, Warner Brothers, Amgen, Cal Poly Pomona, St. John's Hospital, CSU Northridge to nurseries, children's rooms, living and dining rooms, full residential remodels, my portfolio covers it all.

At Khrysten Kent Interiors, we pride ourselves on one of a kind spaces and places for people to thrive. I hope you enjoy the design experience with us,  as much as we enjoy designing a space for you.